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Currently working on making one of these.

I’ve made countless poofy Renaissance/pirate type shirts over the years. This is a great place to get started if you’ve never made one before.

Anyway… here is a brief outline of the process so far:

  1. “Oh, I’ll just throw together a shirt real quick, after the vest is done (the end goal of this exercise is this).”
  2. “Ok, it’s a later period shirt, so it’s probably going to be a little more complicated than ye olde Ren shirt, but how bad can it possibly be?”
  3. [upon opening the pattern, and 5 (double-sided!) pages of instructions] “Oh…”
  4. “Well, shit.”
  5. “Better start reading through this stuff.”
  6. “So for view A, we’ll need pieces 1 through 14, but skip the pocket and I think #7 might be optional?”
  7. “Fabric, why do you refuse to lie flat?”
  8. “Umm… we need to cut two of that piece… I mean four. And I guess I’d better start marking all the pattern notations on the cut pieces. They’ll probably come in handy later.”
  9. “I feel like I should get partial credit towards an engineering degree for figuring this out.”
  10. “Pattern! Why are you specifically telling me not to iron this one bit when it would actually be pretty helpful to have it ironed?”
  11. “Seriously? We’re ironing at every 3rd step here…”
  12. “This is definitely the nicest shirt Justin will ever own.”

At this point, the cuffs still need to be attached to the sleeves, the sleeves need to be attached to the body, then some fun times with the collar and on to buttons and buttonholes.

Wow, it doesn’t actually sound like I’m that close to finished when I write it all out like that. But in theory this can all happen in time for the Watch City Steampunk Festival this weekend. Hurray for deadlines!


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