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Side Project

I tagged along with Justin on his field trip to Tandy Leather today, and while we were there I decided to pick up a beginner-level project of my own. The knife sheath looked simple enough (famous last words, I know). And of course I could use a new sheath for one of my knives. So I grabbed the kit, which included the pre-cut and punched leather pieces, needles, thread and hardware, and a set of stamps that just so happened to be on sale.

I decided it would probably be a good idea to experiment with the stamps on some scrap leather, since I have no idea what I’m doing with any of this stuff. I played around for a bit, with mixed results, and then looked up some youtube videos with instructions on how to do this sort of thing properly. Turns out it works better if you dampen the leather a bit first.


This is the initial sample. Of course, Rex tried to help. He understood the core concepts, as far as the fact that the leather should be dampened, and generally needs to have holes poked in it. I haven’t yet managed to explain to him that chewing the leather is not the best way to accomplish this.


Here I traced out the sheath pattern on a piece of scrap to test the stamp pattern I was thinking of using. I like how the border turned out here, but I’m not entirely sold on the filler in the middle. I’ll either change the orientation of the stamp so that they form diamonds or leave it out entirely.


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