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I have a sneaking suspicion that my next big project will be another Victorian piece, either an overskirt or this. I’ve been referring to it as my Victorian Bond villian outfit, since the plan right now is to make it in a red fabric, and wear it over a black skirt. No word yet on whether I’ll be carrying a cat to complete the ensemble.

Right now, however, I’m working on making some stock pieces for the Storied Threads booth at CTRF. One partlet down, one more, a handful of pirate sashes and surcotes to go. One of the sashes has a really cool steampunk octopus embroidery design on it. I’ll be approximately 0% surprised if this one doesn’t last past the first weekend.

I spent half of yesterday hanging out at Winter Island in Salem (again) helping out at the photoshoot with some awesome people. You can see some of the photos at the Storied Threads blog here, and I’m proud to say I made the vests in the second and fifth photos. At some point I might even get around to writing a post about them.

In the meantime, you should all go take a look at the peacock dress project. Cathy Hay is raising money for Haiti, and will be making a reproduction of a beautiful and ridiculously complicated dress. How much of the dress and it accouterments she will make depends on how much money is raised. This is a really fantastic project combining extreme costuming, and raising money for a good cause.


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Quick update

The bustle skirt version 1.0 is finished, but it all happened so fast I never got around to taking any photos of the process. Yes, it was that fast. So now I’m waiting until I get the chance to take some proper photos of the entire outfit, and all of the separate components. It will happen one of these days, I promise.

After this weekend, I’ll be working on some more cool stuff for Storied Threads, so it looks like I have a few days between major projects. The explosion of fabric that is my living room can’t take another big project at the moment, so instead I started a rather small one.

Yes, in addition to making Victorian clothes, it looks like I’m taking up Victorian hobbies too. This is the start of my first cross-stitch project, from the Zombie Cross-Stitch book I got for Christmas.

Almost one word done!

I could tell you what the whole design says, or keep up the suspense as it’s revealed word by word. Hmm…

I have a theory that someone out there is trying to bring back all of the old domestic arts by combining them with whatever is popular at the time. I am the proud owner of a zombie cross-stitch and a zombie cupcakes book. It is much less likely that I would own a book on either of these very specific topics if the possibility of eating spicy brains was not involved. Those cupcakes were pretty tasty though…

If anyone finds a book on zombie basket-weaving or zombie candle-making, please let me know. I just might be interested.

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