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Quick update

The bustle skirt version 1.0 is finished, but it all happened so fast I never got around to taking any photos of the process. Yes, it was that fast. So now I’m waiting until I get the chance to take some proper photos of the entire outfit, and all of the separate components. It will happen one of these days, I promise.

After this weekend, I’ll be working on some more cool stuff for Storied Threads, so it looks like I have a few days between major projects. The explosion of fabric that is my living room can’t take another big project at the moment, so instead I started a rather small one.

Yes, in addition to making Victorian clothes, it looks like I’m taking up Victorian hobbies too. This is the start of my first cross-stitch project, from the Zombie Cross-Stitch book I got for Christmas.

Almost one word done!

I could tell you what the whole design says, or keep up the suspense as it’s revealed word by word. Hmm…

I have a theory that someone out there is trying to bring back all of the old domestic arts by combining them with whatever is popular at the time. I am the proud owner of a zombie cross-stitch and a zombie cupcakes book. It is much less likely that I would own a book on either of these very specific topics if the possibility of eating spicy brains was not involved. Those cupcakes were pretty tasty though…

If anyone finds a book on zombie basket-weaving or zombie candle-making, please let me know. I just might be interested.


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